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Fiber Optic Video Camera Inspection Service In Portland, Ct

Simply having your home inspector run water, does not identify any structure problems with your sewer pipe.


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Underground sewer pipe with minor root infiltration at joint


It's a process where you call Klear Klogs Sewer & Drain Cleaning to run a video line,that has a camera at the end, which allows us to see the inside of your house's sewer line in close-up detail'

(House sewer line is the larger pipe that leads from the house to the municipal sewer line on the street).  


Got a sewer problem in Portland, Ct? Don't know what it is or where to dig? Back in the "old days," dig points were much a matter of educated guesswork. Now, with sewer video cameras and locating equipment, it's just a simple matter of calling Klear Klogs for a sewer video inspection and locating the block.

With video sewer pipe inspection, our high-skilled technicians can visibly identify precisely what is wrong with your  sewer pipes before we commit to a specific procedure. This is an invaluable benefit, saving you considerable time and money.

Like doctors, we can insert precision video cameras into your line, making it possible to examine whether your pipes are actually broken (cracks,offset) or merely obstructed. That kind of certainty pays for itself in stress-saving peace of mind alone.


What is a Sewer Video Inspection?


Evaluate your new property  investment by having the sewer pipes camera inspected prior to buying.