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Clogged toilet Service In Connecticut

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You have a clogged, leaking, or slow running toilet?

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Everybody goes to the bathroom. It's science. The odds are, at some time or another, your toilet will get clogged, often because someone used too much toilet paper, baby wipes or an accidental flushing of a foriegn object, such as; a toothbrush, toy etc....

A clogged toilet is a serious disruption to your life, especially if you only have one bathroom available. In most cases a simple plunger may do the job.

Unclogging a toilet isn't difficult, but it may be unpleasant and time consuming. If you have tried plunging  and the clog still persists, it may be time to call Klear Klogs for help. It's also a good idea to call if you are nervous about doing this yourself or you're worried about creating new problems.  At Klear Klogs we have been clearing clogged, plugged, blocked toilets in Connecticut for over ten years.

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