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 Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service

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Sewer lines usually lasts for years before they need any maintenance, barring the occasional blockage caused by grease build up, flushable wipes, heavy toilet paper, or old pipes that are rotting away. The causes listed above simply require an electrical power snake to get the water flowing again; but, once you have root growth in your sewer line, your sewer pipe is likely broken, cracked, or separated at the joints. When you have roots in your sewer pipe, the condition will only gets worse.  At this point, regularly-scheduled snaking would be required to maintain your sewer line; however, this can further damage your pipes. Homeowners frequently wait to fix damage from roots until it is too late, and end up having to replace the entire sewer line. Replacing your your entire sewer line can be avoided if the problem area is repaired in the early stages of root growth. Our technicians camera inspect every sewer line that we snake to ensure that the line is clear with no defects.  


Fiber Optic Video Camera Inspection

We utilize our camera to uncover drainage issues; then, we locate the exact location of the problem on the video screen - no guesswork involved! We can then offer solutions for a permanent fix. Call now for a camera inspection - we'll be there in no time!

Sewer Line Service In Connecticut

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Sewer Line Service

Evaluate your new property  investment by having the sewer pipes camera inspected prior to buying.

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FREE Inspection

We'll give you a FREE camera inspection with any drain cleaning service when you choose Klear Klogs!