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I had a clogged pipe in my kitchen and needed to have it fixed fast! I am so glad I called Klear Klogs. They not only showed up at their promised service time, but our service technician Terrence was courteous and patient with any questions we had. We have had no problems with the pipe, but I know that if I ever need service anywhere else in my house they will be my first call! I would recommend Klear Klogs to anyone!!

 Jackie Ruiz


I recently needed assistance with my sewer line and placed a call late in the day to Klear Klogs for an estimate. Not only did I get the best price around, Terrence was at my door ready to help within 20 minuets. Terrence's customer service is exceptional and I would highly recommend both Klear Klogs and Terrence to anyone.

    Jody Bartolini


I had a clogged drain pipe at my business, I called Klear Klogs and I actually talked to a person instead of a machine, they were on time and fixed the problem, service tech (Terrence) was very courteous, professional, and knew what he was doing. very refreshing experience, I'd recommend Klear Klogs to everyone.

     Johnny B.

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We had a sewer backup today and after past problems we thought it was tree roots again. Last time it happened it cost me a bundle. Different company, multiple technicians and a very long evening. This time I called Klear Klogs. They responded quickly. Terrence Jennings was polite, explained everything and cleared an internal blockage. No tree roots this time. It was a much better experience for us and if we need them again I wouldn't hesitate to call them.

  Tom Alseph


This is the second time we used Terrance to help with our sewer pipe clog. He came over right away. He explained everything and did a great job fixing the problem. He gave my husband tips so we don’t have that problem anymore. He has good prices and gave us a senior discount. We would definitely use his services again.

   Beverly Duplessie


Moved into my new home to find that the laundry room drain was clogged. I called Klear Klogs and they came out fast and fixed the problem quickly. Even better, the charge was on the low-end of the quote I got over the phone. I definitely will use them again!

   Loretta Kane


I had a clog drain, which was getting very over bearing for me. I had plumbing services done to correct the problem before but to no avail, the problem was still there. I had contacted Klear Klogs and to my surprise, I had gotten a call before I could even finish stating what my plumbing problem was. The call was from service tech Terrence, I can say for sure he did a very good job. He was very professional, and he have great customer service skills. I would without a doubt recommend Klear Klogs and service tech Terrence, he's the man who knows how to get the job done.

  Cathalina Hayden


I had a clogged sink, I tried drano, liquid plumber and degreaser and nothing worked. I also took the trap loose hoping to find the clog. Trap was clean! I continued to use drano for another day, still clogged and drano has a guarantee. That is when I called Klear Klogs and spoke to Terrence, after talking with him he was here in less than a hour and had the pipe clear in less than a hour. Terrence was very professional, prompt and courteous with a fair price. don't bother calling Roto Rip off!

   Kenny M




Terrence...Great Courteous Professional...A Breath of Fresh Air a calm in my storm...Thank you.

      Becky Rodriguez