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Trenchless Pipe Repair Service In Ansonia Ct

Simply having your home inspector run water, does not identify any structure problems with your sewer pipe.


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Evaluate your new property  investment by having the sewer pipes camera inspected prior to buying.

What Is A Trenchless Repair?

The trenchless repair method that we use in Ansonia CT, is called Pipe Patch Lining. Pipe Patch Lining is our choice procedure, because unlike other lining products, you can repair small section of your sewer pipe without replacing your entire sewer line.  Of course that means huge savings for the customer.


Pipe Patch Lining is a process in which fiberglass is patented with a non-hazardous, odor-less, non-flammable resin. The fiberglass is then wrapped around a long tube (packer) and gets inserted into the current broken pipe. Air is pushed into the packer. The fiberglass then expands and cured to form a tight-fitting liner (1/8 inch thick) within the current pipe. This curing proccess usually take 2 to 3 hours- compared to the conventional excavation, which can take days to repair,not to mention the mess to your landscaping.

PipePatch Lining is a great way to repair your sewer drain line, in your home, or business.








  Video Below is of several repairs made to the sewer pipe using the Pipe Patch Sysem

Simply, a repair made to your underground sewer pipe without digging up the street,  yard, driveway, or removing your porch.  If your sewer pipe is broken, offset, root infiltrated, or separated at the joints, a trenchless repair may be the right procedure for you.